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TRILOGY (3 Pack Complete Gardening Solution)

Price: 24.00 GBP
'Trilogy' Special offer - £24 including P&P. Consists of a bottle of each available nutrient/plant tonic - 'Cultivate', 'Eradicate', & 'Detonate' Complete gardening solution.


Price: 7.95 GBP
500ml Bottle of organic nutrient/plant tonic. 'Cultivate' is composed of a specific mix of phytochemicals from plant extracts and is the end result of studying the effects of phytochemicals on plant life paying attention to extracts that appeared to boost metabolism as well as extracts that prevented disease. "It is based on the idea of applying plant extracts to living plant life in order to naturally boost metabolism and vigor". The final product that you receive is the result of over a decade of experimentation and refinement. As well as increasing the speed of metabolism and overall vigor this product can also be used to boost weak or diseased plants and seedlings, increase yield and quality of crops as well as working as a natural insecticide. Price includes P&P


Price: 7.95 GBP
'Detonate' literally causes an explosion in fruiting and flowering of all crops. Based on the same principles that made 'Cultivate' and 'Eradicate'. 100% Organic. Price includes P&P


Price: 12.00 GBP
Now in stock. All organic / bio - insecticide/anti-fungal. Use as a soil drench aswell as a foliar spray. Price includes P&P