I am concerned about using my debit /credit card as payment

All debit/credit card purchases are safely and securely processed by Paypal.

Customers don't require a Paypal account, at checkout simply pay using your debit/credit card and in the highly unlikely event of a problem with the transaction a refund is guaranteed by using the Paypal service.

Can your products be used for edible crops?

Yes. 'Cultivate', 'Detonate' and 'Eradicate' are all excellent for use with edible crops aswell as ornamental plants.

In the case of edible crops discontinue their use in the last month before harvest for best results.

Can your products be used on houseplants?

Yes. All of the products can be used indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors unlike some organic plantfood/fertlisers that contain animal products such as bonemeal, guano etc, and therefore less suitable and hygienic for indoor conditions.

'Cultivate', 'Detonate' and 'Eradicate' are derived entirely of botanical extracts specifically chosen and formulated to provide optimum health, vigor and pest/disease resistance .

Due to containing no animal derivatives they can be used indoors safely.

Why no P.h. suggestions for your products?

The nutrients and phytochemicals within the products are available over a wide P.h. Range and will be available to plant life that thrive in acidic soil conditions aswell as species that prefer a more alkaline condition.

Continue to use the same P.h. ranges that you usually maintain for your chosen plants.

The results of the products have a tonic-like 'Holistic' effect on plantlife, acting as catalysts for growth, defense and increased vigor and resilience, repairing imbalances and enabling enhanced uptake of nutrients.