In this section various feeding suggestions and uses for 'Cultivate', 'Detonate' and 'Eradicate' will be explained.

The rules that usually apply to plant nutrients in regards to feeding frequencies/regimes can largely be eliminated when using all of these products.

Through extensive experimentation it has been discovered that due to their unique composition they do not readily cause 'leaf burn' in overdose unlike most commercially available nutrients. 

Conversely the phytochemicals within the products are highly effective even if used in smaller quantities than suggested so therefore malnourished/nutrient deficient plants are very unlikely. Due to this you can experiment with different ratios of nutrient to water depending on the species being cultivated and your own personal observations.

However there are some tried and tested methods for using these products at a ratio found to be suitable for all plantlife. Mixing 25ml (a capful) to 500ml of unchlorinated water is generally the optimal dosage rate.



Cultivate is our main nutrient/plant tonic. It is possible to use this product alone and acheive excellent results providing that the soil/compost is of a decent quality.

Cease use in the last month of a plant's life.


Boosts weak or diseased plants.

Increases speed of growth due to better metabolism.

Brings out the natural flavours in fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Enables increased pest resistance and resilience.

Larger and faster crops.

More vigorous plants.



Eradicate is an all organic anti-fungal and insecticide which can be used as a foliar spray aswell as a soil drench.Eradicate also contains nutrients beneficial to growth and vigor while working as a natural insecticide.

The ingredients were specifically chosen and extracted based on their inherent anti-fungal and insecticidal properties.


Excellent for germinating seeds. (The anti-fungal, anti- bacterial and insecticidal properties ensure the best start for seedlings and a much quicker germination rate)



Natural insecticide.

Increases overall vigor.

(It is recommended when combating fungal and insect issues to use a dual approach - foliar spray the plant/s aswell as feeding as a soil drench as often insects and mould spores can be in or on the soil.)



Detonate is a truly explosive fruiting & flowering tonic, increasing speed and yield in a way that can only usually be acheived when using chemical fertilisers.


Fast harvest.

Better tasting crops.

Natural insecticide.

Increases plant terpenes, resins, oils and flavanoids.

Larger fruits and blooms.




 Note:- Discontinue feeding in the last month of the plant/s life so, of course this would depend on your chosen time of harvest. Either way plan for only plain water / rainfall in the final month.

If there is dehydration of the plants due to heat feed only plain water without any nutrient in between feeds.

If there is a pest/insect issue on the leaves 'Eradicate' can be used as a foliar spray (rinse before harvest if not subject to rainfall, the formula is 100% non - toxic to humans but may affect the taste of the herbs/plants you are cultivating if not rinsed.)